Organic Waste Composting Project

Organic Waste Composting Project


Did you know that all our waste generated in the factory are transported over close to 60km to Southern Waste Management landfill situated in Kulai? To mitigate the finite resources needed for organic kitchen waste management, we at Pantech decided; as a responsible corporate citizen, to carry out our organic kitchen waste composting project recently. This is a voluntary initiative organize by Pantech staff with tons of encouragement and support from the top management.

Kitchen waste and left over food are collected daily are mixed in the following ratio;

  1. Pantech canteen kitchen waste 60%
  2. Garden soil teeming with earth worms 20%
  3. Leaves and twigs from trees that line our factory compound

As we generate about 20 liters of this mix daily; these are stored in daily compost mixed container. Amazingly these compost shrunk to about 20% of volume about a month later!

With the right mixing ratio and sufficient moisture, the natural process of decomposing takes place.

These compost will be a good use as organic fertilizer for plants and shrubs in Pantech Johor factory while reducing mother earth burden is hence Pantech’s value in sustainability to make our planet earth a better place for all.