Pantech Group is wholly committed to conducting business in a sustainable and ethical manner and strives to be socially responsible. Echoing our commitments and strategic objectives, Pantech Group has initiated sustainability initiatives aimed to positively affect the economy, environment and society based on three (3) main operational pillars:

Sustainable Business Growth

Pantech is commited to creating long-term value for our stakeholders which is done through careful utilisation of capitals guided by monitoring and assessment of risks and opportunities. Pantech also practise continuous learning and improvement with relevant trainings to keep agile and adaptable to the dynamic business environment. Pantech supplies an extensive range of pipes, valves and fittings (PVF) that meet strict customer requirements through prudent investment in new facilities and upgrades to ensure operational efficiency.

Environmental Protection

We play our part towards transitioning to a low-carbon economy by minimising our impact towards and preserving natural capital. The Group employs proper waste disposal and management, has control systems and equipment installed, and harness renewable energy sources as well as allocate resources efficiently to our best capability.

Workplace Management

Maintaining a safe and conducive working environment is vital for Pantech Group. We continuously strive to maintain a safe workplace, nurture and invest in talent, and champion inclusion and equality to foster employee wellbeing.